Deposit & Appointment Cancellation Policy


Roman Rosa ™️ Tattoo requires a deposit on all tattoos that will take over an hour to complete. This is in order for you to be scheduled for your tattoo session and a guarantee your appointment will not be taken by someone else.

Our deposit is a minimum of 50€ for single session tattoo and 100€ for a custom project which require significant drawing time, and will be deducted from the overall price of the tattoo.

With regard to secure your time, please bring a cash or a credit/debit card at the time of your consultation. The payments can also be made with a bank transfer to our account (please contact us, so we can assist you on this matter).

Please note! We must have sufficient notice to fill your time slot if you need to reschedule, so we require an e-mail to at least 48 hours in advance. We can move your deposit with your appointment up to two times before it is forfeited.

All deposits are specifically to set an appointment with the tattoo artist and are fully non-refundable and non-transferable. By leaving the deposit you acknowledge that you understand this policy.

Roman Rosa Tattoo